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Patients turned Caregivers

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Follow Your Heart

We started on this journey as patients, growing in backrooms and basements. We learned the most when things DIDN’T go according to plan.

As we grew, our hobby turned into an obsession. We spent time learning and then experimenting. Always trying to make it a little bit better.

And the product turned out great. We spent so much time on our plants that even the “mistakes” were great.

We can do this!

In December of 2018, rules changed and we knew it was time to make the leap. We scraped together as much money as we could find, found some grow space to lease, and went into business as Better Buds of Maine.

And it’s been a wild ass ride! From the beginning we knew we had to be lean. Mostly because we were broke, but also because we knew we didn’t have any money.

But that hasn’t slowed us down a bit. Start with what you have, improve it as you go, and always stay positive.

Do what you know.

After finding space that could work, we got started building. The early rooms got the job done for a while. We switched out for commercial equipment,  modified our process, and acquired new skills. All of this made us better at what we were doing.

And the results are clear – bright colors and strong smell. Flower covered in trichomes that is as potent as it is beautiful.

We are process driven. As the process improves, those results are repeated over and over. 

Our goal is to continue to get Better Every Day. And we are crushing it!

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