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Our journey began as patients who decided that we could do better.

Beyond better health, we wanted better value, better service, a better selection, but most of all better quality.

We studied, and practiced, noting every process change and addressing every mistake with enthusiasm.

Our hobby to create the best medicine, turned into an obsession. We learned more, tested our theories and experimented more, always trying to make the results just a tad better with each pass. The data & process improvements fed better efficiency and vastly improved quality.

Our efforts paid off.  After years of testing, our flowers were simply stunning; so much so that even our “mistakes” were of the highest quality.

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

We can do this!

In December of 2018, we realized that through our hard work and methodical efforts, we had in fact produced a better process, with better plants, yielding much better buds than we had ever received as patients.  We knew it was time to make the leap to helping others.

Do what you know.

After our initial grow and successive expansions, we could not be more pleased.

The results are clear. Our flowers offer bright colors, a strong aroma, and density, covered in trichomes that are as potent as they are beautiful, and we are proud to offer our community a better product.



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