Indica's are great for relaxing. Good for relaxing after a hard day or as medicine for anxiety and depression. We grow a few strains for PTSD and deep relaxation. Check 'em out...
Indica Strains

Hybrid (Indica:Sativa)

From Ayahusca Purple to White Widow, and lots in between...
Strains are selected over time for a number of reasons. A little bit of sativa here, a dash of indica there, and before you know it the plant is perfect. But it doesn't fit neatly into one category anymore.
Hybrid Strain List


Typically grown in hot weather, these "trees" tend to grow very tall and take a LONG time. But, they produce an amazing cerebral effect. Often used to increase creativity and energy.
Sativa Strains

Check out our current offerings here, at Weedmaps. Not all strains available at all times. Check for availability.


BC God Bud – Indica
Big Bang – Indica
Black DOG – Indica
Blue Cheese – Indica
Darlin’s Net – Indica
Mel’s Punch F3 – Indica
Peppermint Kush – Indica
Peyote Critical – Indica
Solar Wind – Indica
White Rhino – Indica

Indica Hybrids

Ayahuasca Purple – Indica Hybrid
BC Blueberry – Indica Hybrid
Candy Cream – Indica Hybrid
Cheese – Indica Hybrid
Critical Plus – Indica Hybrid
Early Skunk – Indica Hybrid
Gelato OG – Indica Hybrid
Pineapple Express – Indica Hybrid
Sangria – Indica Hybrid
Tombstone – Indica Hybrid
Violetta – Indica Hybrid
White Widow – Indica Hybrid


Blueberry OG – Hybrid
Reba – Hybrid

Sativa Hybrid

Amnesia #7 – Sativa Hybrid
Blueberry Cheesecake – Sativa Hybrid
Chinook Haze – Sativa Hybrid
Amnesia Haze – Sativa Hybrid
Bruce Banner – Sativa Hybrid
Chem OG – Sativa Hybrid
Fainting Goat – Sativa Hybrid
Sinmintz – Sativa Hybrid
Taz – Sativa Hybrid
Zero Dark 30 x LBL – Sativa Hybrid


Amnesia #7* – Sativa Hybrid
Blueberry Cheesecake* – Sativa Hybrid
Chinook Haze* – Sativa Hybrid
Jack Herrer – Sativa
Neville’s Haze – Sativa

* These sativa leaning hybrids give the sativa energy and creative effects, generally with less racing thoughts and paranoia which are sometimes common with high THC sativas.

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